Love Quiz for Men

Answer the following questions the best as you are able. Click the button at the bottom when you are finished.

1) You're getting dressed for the Hot Date. What are you wearing?

Slacks, nice shirt, and maybe a tie.
Tight black pants, loose white shirt, boots, black cape, mask, and your trusted blade.
A trenchcoat.
Your lucky Hooters t-shirt.

2) What would you find in your top dresser drawer?

The run-of-the-mill clothing.
The photographs of the women you have Loved.
The binoculars, the surveillance equipment, and the ski mask.
The girly magazines and the stolen underwear.

3) You realize that you've just made a date with one woman on a night when you're already going out with another. What are you doing?

Call up one, apologize, and suggest another evening.
Invite them both back to your place, where you will spend the evening contemplating the Mysteries of Love.
Call them both several times and hang up.
It depends. Which one has the bigger tits?

4) What do you consider a prerequisite for Physical Love?

The feelings of Warmth, Trust, and Intimacy.
It is your desire to Share your Passion with all women alive.
She'll speak to you.
She's got killer gazongas.

5) While she is dressing, your woman turns to you and asks if you think that she is fat. How are you responding?

"Of course not."
"It does not matter, for you are a Woman and all Women are Beautiful."
"With jugs like those, who cares?"

6) You're in a restaurant with your woman, when you see your ex-girlfriend across the room with her date. What are you doing?

Try to ignore them.
Make Love to your woman on the table. If it doesn't make them jealous, maybe they'll join in.
Excuse yourself to go out the bathroom, and then climb out the window and run away.
Seduce whichever of the three has the best ass.

7) Your woman suggests that you join a gym together. What are you doing?

Start shopping around, comparing various memberships.
At last, this is your chance to Make Love to all the beautiful people in the world!
Start working on ways to sneak into the women's locker room.
Stand catatonic and drool at the thought of so many women in spandex.

8) You're Making Love to your woman, when she calls out the name of her old Lover. How are you responding?

Try to go to sleep and forget it, even though you're really hurt.
Remember to invite him to join your Passion next time. It might be fun.
Stay quiet, but take it as a good sign that your disguise is working.
Use this information to be figuring out who you're with.

9) You're at a bar when you come face-to-face with the most gorgeous woman you've ever seen. What are you doing?

Ask her for her number.
Take her right then and there, and make her Passion register on the Richter scale.
Run away but follow her home later.
Compliment her on her fine melons, and invite her back to your place for a closer inspection.

10) It is your one-year anniversary. What are you getting for your woman?

The nice necklace or pair of earrings.
"I shall give her my Passion! I shall lay her down by the fireside and Caress her to Paroxysm!"
The anonymous letters of your unrequited Love, telling her to leave the creep she's living with.
The gift certificate to the plastic surgeon.

Score me, you stud!